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I turned the other way, not sure if I wanted to see anyone at that moment. There xvedios was a knock on my door and when I didn't say anything there was another knock. Then I heard the door open and Alexei asked, "Nick, are you OK? I saw Francis leaving in a hurry." I didn't turn around and I didn't xvedios say anything. "Nick, talk to me." Yeah, talk about what, I thought. What kind of dipstick I just had been? I'm not sure if Alexei would want to hear videos that. "OK, if you don't want to talk now, come to my room when you're ready, OK, Nick?" I xvidos.com xvedio heard the door xvideos indo almost close. "Alexei, please..." I started to sniff a little bit and, before I knew it, Alexei was beside me. "Did you two have a fight, Nick?" "No, I don't think you can call it a fight. There's just a little bit of trouble with his xvideos indian parents I guess, and I let him go without comforting him. I just didn't know what to say." "What happened Nick? Tell https //www.xvideos.com/ me and let me see if porn video I can help." I told tamil xvideos him xvideos gays that I had xvideoss called Francis's parents and what happened after Francis had called them. I didn't want to tell him the complete story. If that were xvieos told, videos Francis would have to do it xxxvideos x videos himself, or tell me I could tell. "So Francis is back home now because of this. Are they always so protective of him?" "Well, they have a reason for that, but it's something I can't tell you without permission from Francis." "Do they know that Francis is gay?" "Well, sort of, but they try to hide and ignore it in the porno xvideos hope xvideos indonesia it will go away." "That is stupid. So Francis is going to tell xvidios them about you two?" "I'm not sure, Alexei. I only xvideos free know x video.com that he is fed up with his parents spying on him. He also wants not to live with them and not to tell them about me. He said he was afraid to lose them if he xvideos mom told them." "Hmmm, that's not a good thing, Nick. Do you know his parents?" "No, www.x videos.com I've never seen or www.x videos.com met them. I have no idea how they xvidio are going to react." "Well, xvideos indonesia indian xvideos don't worry about it too much; there is little you can do except xvidios be there if www.xvideos.com xvideos indonesia Francis needs you." "I freeporn know x video.com that, but I'm not sure what to do then. I have never been good xvideos indo at being there for some one xvideos indonesia else." "Just showing you love him; that should be more than xvidoes enough, xvide Nick." "OK, thanks, Alexei, xvieos for talking with www.xvideos.com me." "You're welcome, Nick." "By the x video.com way, I have agreed with your father that I will give you an extra training session tomorrow evening xvideos download x video after practice. I will https //www.xvideos.com/ be xxxvideos able to focus more on your skills and performance." "Ah, that would be xvideos mom nice. Thanks, Alexei. Do you mind if Francis xvideos com joins us for that?" "Of xvideos .com course not; that's fine xvideos 2 with me. I am off to xvideos video downloader bed xvide now, but your father asked me if you were coming x video.com down or not. I think he just wants to talk to you." "Well, I think I xvideos gay will go downstairs for a half hour or so. Then it'll be time I hit the sack, too." "Good night, porn video Nick." "Good night. Alexei." I got up, slowly trying to put porn videos myself back together a little and I went downstairs. Dad was in the living room xvideos anal watching television, so I joined him on the couch. "Hi there, Nick! I missed you today at the end at practice. I porn videos xvideos japan took https //www.xvideos.com/ David and xvideos download Alexei to a basketball game. I hope you xvideo com xxx videos didn't mind, but we really did try www xvideos com to find you xvideos japan before we left. Francis said he saw you leaving with Mike." "Well, I am sorry I missed videos going with you, but you xvieos know I don't like basketball that much anyway." "I xvideos anal know, but xvidios still I would have liked it if you had been there. Francis went with us also and I believe xvideos jp I just heard him leave the house. That was quick; I thought he was going xvideos indian to stay for a little longer." "His parents called earlier and he called them back. He had to go home straight away then." "Were they porno xvideos mad www xvideos.com at him?" "Yeah, it seemed so. I am not xvidio sure why, but they were." "You would tamil xvideos think that he was only 12. I found it very strange gay xvideos the way they reacted last time he slept here. They asked all of those weird questions. Well, we'll just hope he's not in trouble because xvideos he went with free porn us to the basketball game." I porno xvideos didn't know how to answer that. This was an opportunity to xvideo com talk with dad about us, but I just couldn't do it. What would I say? How would he react? I know he wanted me to be more open with him, but I think being that porno video open would be a little too much for him at this time. "If you fear that might be the case, dad, xvideos. you could always call them." "I could, that's true. So, what have you been desi xvideos up to tonight." "I went with Mike and did a little workout at his xvideos video downloader house." "You are really getting xvedio into this working out, aren't you? I know you asked Alexei for some extra training hours for xvideos anal yourself this week also." "Yes, we are going to do some extra things tomorrow after practice. I hope that is xvideos porn OK with xvideos com you." "Yes, of course. mom xvideos I'm glad you are getting into this, as long as you do it because you www.xvideo like it and not because you are trying to please freeporn me." "Oh, no! I like what I am doing, so don't worry about that." "So, how is the book, `The Lord xvideoss of the Rings,' that I gave you? Have you already started reading it?" "Yes I did, and it's great! I can hardly put it down. It's really terrific, xnxx thanks." "I xvedio knew you'd love it; you have such a wonderful imagination. I knew you could place yourself xnxxx completely x videos in xvidio the story. I read it for the first time when I was your age and since then, freeporn I've read it xvidos at least once every year." "Well if you don't mind, I'm going to get back to it now, dad. I want to read a little bit before I go to sleep." "That's www xvideos.com fine, Nick, I just wanted to talk a bit with you before you went to sleep. Sleep tight." "Thanks, the same xvideos .com to you." I walked back up the stairs. Dad was really trying; he xx videos never before had chatted like that, just for fun, asking how xvids I porno video was, what I did. Well, he had done that free xvideos in the past, but not recently. I went to bed and did some more reading before I finally www.xvideos.com fell asleep. I was xvideos .com awakened gay xvideos early again and I started to videos wonder what had xvideos video happened xvideos brasil with Francis and his parents. I knew I x videos had to wait until school to find out, but I wanted to call him xvideo.com xvedio right xvideos. com now, but that was totally free porn out of the question just xvidios now. After the long night, it was at last breakfast time. I got out of xvideos porno bed, showered and went downstairs. David was sitting at the breakfast table and looked up at xvide me when I came down. "Good xvideos hd morning, brother! How xvideos. com are you this morning?" I just mumbled a little bit, feeling the effects of the lack of sleep and the hours x videos.com x videos of lying awake worrying about Francis. "Not so good judging by how you are reacting, Nick." "No; I was awake early this morning and xxx videos I couldn't get back to sleep." "Something troubling you Nick?" "Yes there is, but it will work out all right." I tried xvideoss to say that in the most convincing way I could. "Are you sure? I saw Francis rushing by the bar down the street just after we said good bye last night after the basketball game. I xxxvideos thought he would have been with you for a longer time. xvideos japanese Did you two have a fight?" Oh, god, I thought. Did everyone xvids know we ended up not getting on well last night? First Alexei, then dad, and now David. "Well, sort of, not porn videos a real one but Francis needed to go home. His parents had called him." "Oh, good! It would have been terrible to see you two www.xvideo.com broken xvideos in up so quickly." 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A hint of a smile appeared on his face. His xvidoes expression said everything. He was still looking kind of sad as he had xvideos hentai the night before www xvideos.com when he left my room. "How did things go with xvideo com your parents last night?" He looked at me and whispered back, "Not good, but I x videos didn't tell xvideos in them yet. There was a x-videos lot of yelling. I am not sure but I think they japanese xvideos suspect something. I just don't know if I can handle xvido this." "Don't worry. Everything will be fine." Before he could answer, we were joined by two other members of the gym team and Francis only smiled to let me know he heard xvideos porno me. The others xvedio stayed around so there was no way that I was able to say anything more xvidio to xvideos teen him. Just before the end of lunch, I remembered the extra training with Alexei. "I have to ask you something, Francis. I have xvideo com an extra training with Alexei after practice and xvide he didn't xvideos in mind if you would join us." "Hey, that's nice. Anything to xvideos tamil stay away from home a little longer is fine by me." "Having trouble at home, Francis?" one of the other guys asked. "Yep, usual stuff about being xvideos teen home late, not telling where I'm going and stuff. They seem to want me on their leash all xvideos indian the time." "I know xvideos free what you mean, man. My parents xvideos japanese are always on my back; no rest there." The bell rang and we needed to go to the next class. The rest of wwwxvideos.com the afternoon mom xvideos went by in a flash, and I was xvideos gays glad that practice started. I knew I xvido was not included in the first round, so I did some working out myself and I saw that Alexei www xvideos sometimes looked to see how I was doing. When the xvideos indo others were cooling down, Alexei came walking over to me. "So are you ready for me, Nick?" 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Then I saw out of the corner of my eye that Alexei came walking in. He waved a little xxxvideos and I pushed Francis away from me. He https //www.xvideos.com/ wanted to xvedios protest, but he stopped when he heard the voice of Alexei: "The others have left xvidos and James will be here in a moment so we can start." For the next hour, we worked mostly on my and James's routines. Francis helped me as xvidoes much as possible xvideos and Alexei did the same with James, though xvideos teen he gave me xvideos video downloader very good points also to improve most of the routines I xvideos porn had been doing lately. Both James xnxxx and I were about xvideo the same level so it was great to have some kind of a competition going between us. Again I thought when Alexei said he wanted to do a final test to www xvideos com see what we both had learned, James smiled at me as if he knew what xxx videos I was thinking about. 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I know porno video James would tamil xvideos love to hear xvideoscom some more about your championships and stuff. We have xxx video heard those things already." I saw that Alexei knew what I was www xvideos.com xvideos mom doing and he agreed with it. He started to talk to James and walked with him to www.x videos.com the lockers. He smiled just once at us before he closed the door behind him. "Nice move there, Nick. xvideos anal How did you know I wanted to mom xvideos be alone with you?" "Because I want the same thing. Do porno xvideos xvideos 2 you know what it xvido does to me when you are touching me everywhere for xvideos indo a whole tamil xvideos hour x video and there is no way of touching you x videos.com back?" "Ha! I thought I saw that you xxvideo were having troubles with that. Well, I must porno say it felt great especially those lovely formed cheeks of your behind." My face turned xvideos brasil red and I just leaned forward and started to kiss him. 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I saw that he was looking at the table then. "Hey, didn't you put one plate too many on the table?" I looked at him, just not knowing what to say and I felt my face start to get red. <xvidos.com is it for this chapter. Of course, porno as you might expect, there is more to follow. I am not sure how soon, xvidoes but your reaction can help me decide how quickly I write. I hope you are going to enjoyed reading this chapter as much as I had writing it. I love telugu xvideos porn videos of cause to hear if you liked videos it and any ideas on the blackmail are welcome. So let me know by e-mail to: free xvideos freeporn

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