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"Nothing to worry your vanilla ass about. I'll email the details along with the butt picture. Try to get back to me soon."

When I checked my email a little later I saw that she was right. His ass was even better than I had any right to hope for and while the scenario she described reeked of paranoia it wasn't really kinky. Basically, he would wear a mask the whole time and there would be no conversation. He wanted no personal interaction at all. I had to laugh. The man wanted my tongue up his ass but he didn't want to get personal. Some of these clients had real issues.

I looked at the picture again. It covered his backside from mid-torso to mid-thigh. Karen was right that he was athletic. He was slim and muscular with a small waist, no trace of love handles, slim hips, two white, smooth, round muscular globes and well-built thighs. I'd do that ass for free if given the chance, although I'd probably want to plow it after having opened it with my tongue. Maybe it would work out that way. After all, I was sure he wouldn't want me to leave the job unfinished. Either way, I couldn't imagine being at his place for more than an hour, and the drive down and back would take no time at all.

I emailed Karen back and told her it sounded fine to me on redtube. If she could arrange for late morning on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays it would be even better. That was when Declan came to see Dad and maybe I could ask him to extend his visit a bit. I didn't want to take advantage of the Perrys all the time.      

Unfortunately, Karen replied that the client's only free time was Thursday at three. I called Declan, hoping he could do it anyway but he said that was his day in the southern end of the county. So I had to depend on Aunt Mary who was glad to help.

I was very excited when Thursday rolled around. While most of my dates weren't sexually thrilling they were the only sex I had and it had been almost a month. And the ass in that picture had been burning itself into my brain all week. Dad wasn't thrilled when I told him. I couldn't think of a good lie so I just said that I had to go out for a while.

He frowned.

"I thought when you decided to stay here you were giving that up."

"I am, but I haven't given notice yet and the client is local so they don't have anyone else in the area who can handle it."

"Local? You know how word gets around this town. You want everybody to find out what you've been doing, just as you're about to give it up?"

"Don't worry about that. Apparently this guy's paranoid about anyone finding out about him so he's not going to say anything."

"I don't want to know any more about it. And if Mary asks, you're going to the Home Depot in Newton."

The address in Karen's email wasn't familiar and when I checked it on Mapquest I saw that it was in one of the small townhouse communities that had been built when I was in high school. I had no trouble finding the house and at three o'clock on the dot I rang the doorbell.

When the client opened the door he was wearing a black ski mask which covered not only his face but his whole head. The only features I could make out were his eyes but they were so large and dark they practically filled in the holes in the mask. Not that I spent a lot of time looking at the mask because he was standing there totally naked from the mask down.

The front of his body was every bit as good as the rear. His chest was well-developed and perfectly smooth, with nipples larger than quarters with nubs sticking out from them. His abs weren't overly developed but showed a definite six-pack. He had just a hint of a black thread leading from his navel down to pubes that were trimmed very short. His circumcised dick was at half-mast, pointing toward my knees, rising slowly. It looked like it would be just a tad shorter than mine when fully erect and the skin was so smooth I was sure it would feel like silk.

This was clearly a man who didn't have to pay for sex no matter what his face looked like. But rimming wasn't everyone's cup of tea, so I could understand why he'd come to Dream Dates. He was standing a bit to one side, half behind the door and motioned for me to come in, closing the door behind me. Without a word he turned and walked up a flight of stairs. I followed a few steps behind, enjoying the view of that ass on a level with my face. At the top of the stairs he turned into a large bedroom and lay face down diagonally on a king-sized bed. Following my email instructions I removed all of my clothes and got into position behind him between his knees. I took a moment to soak in the beauty of his ass. I must have lost track of time because he started wiggling his butt at me.

I leaned forward and put a hand on each cheek, massaging them lightly then kneading them. Finally I spread them apart, exposing his tight, perfect, hairless pucker. I was in heaven and I was sure he would be too in just a few moments. I bent down and lightly kissed his pucker. It was so beautiful it had to be kissed before my tongue ravaged it.

I then started by lightly swirling my tongue around the edges, gradually putting more pressure  into it, occasionally stiffening my tongue and poking the center of his anus. After a few minutes of this teasing I put my whole mouth over his pucker and sucked on it, pulling his ass lips into my mouth, nibbling on them lightly with my teeth. I'd started  on my knees bent over his ass, but then I lay down on the bed, spread his muscular cheeks as far apart as I could and dove in, licking, slurping, sucking, using my tongue to open up his hole and forcing myself into it.

I completely lost track of time. At some point I realized that the moans he had started out with had become whimpers and that I was now the one doing the moaning. He was grinding his hips into the mattress and so was I. His hole had opened up and my tongue was all the way up inside him yet we both wanted more. I was about to suggest we move on to fucking even though that wasn't on the agenda but just then his pucker clamped down on my tongue and I realized he was coming. As his anus pulsed on my tongue my own dick exploded.

He reached for a box of tissues on the nightstand, grabbed a handful for himself and then handed the box back to me. We cleaned up in silence and I dressed while he put on a robe. Then he escorted me back downstairs to the front door and that was it.

He didn't offer a tip but many clients didn't. I hadn't paid much attention to the house but he was clearly middle class. What he was paying for the date probably wiped out his entertainment budget for half the year. And I was sure I'd enjoyed the date as much as he had. As I drove out of the townhouse complex I thought that if all my dates were like that I'd have a lot more trouble retiring from the business.

But the glow from the exciting sexual escapade faded before I even got to Sussex. The whole scene had been very stimulating but I was feeling somewhat empty inside. I'd been disappointed with my dates lately and kept wishing for something more exciting. Now that I had experienced a very hot scene I realized I wanted even more than that. I didn't want just a few moments of intense sexual stimulation. Sure I wanted that, but I also wanted to kiss, to caress, to make love and to cuddle afterwards. And I wanted it to be with a person I liked, not just a body that turned me on.

For the first time since my early days in the city, I felt lonely. I was good at being on my own and usually enjoyed my own redtube company. I wasn't terribly social and could be quite content most of the time at home reading, or out at a movie or show by myself. Or just hanging out with a good friend like Livy. I didn't need a lot of social interaction, but I needed some. And I needed some affection, too. Dates with clients had been a poor substitute for physical affection for too long. Of course, living in the boonies wasn't going to help my situation any. Maybe it was time for me to look into Internet dating, the real kind, not the Dream Dates kind.

The next morning I waited on the porch for Declan to finish up his appointment with Dad. I wanted to ask his medical advice and try to enlist him on my side in my latest disagreement with Dad. Unfortunately Dad came out onto the porch with him.

"Say Declan, have you got a minute? I want your opinion about something."

"Sure, I'm on my lunch break now. I don't have another appointment until one."

"Take a little walk with me and then I'll fix you a sandwich if you like."

"You gonna talk about me behind my back?" Dad called out as we crossed the yard toward the shed.

"Of course, that's the only way to keep you from interrupting," I called back.

"You and your dad seem to be getting along a lot better."

"I don't know about a lot, but definitely better."

"So what are we going all the way out into the cornfield to talk about?"

"Just the latest instance of Dad and I not getting along so well. You know the State Fair is opening today over at the County Fairgrounds? Well, Dad insists he wants to go. I don't think he's up to it but he says he's gone every year of his life and since this is probably his last, he's not missing it. Do you think he's up to it?"

"What does Dr. Patel say?"

"He thinks it would be a bad idea but unfortunately he didn't come right out and tell Dad he couldn't go, so Dad thinks it's his decision to make. What do you think?"

"Well, I agree with the doctor that he probably shouldn't go but I don't think it would kill him. He shouldn't be subjected to any kind of excitement or stress, but having been to several of the fairs I'd say you needn't worry too much about the excitement level. With his scooter and oxygen, riding around for a few hours shouldn't be too taxing. Refusing to let him go and getting him mad could be even more stressful. "

"Yeah, he starts to get worked up every time we talk about it. I don't want him to think he's a prisoner here or that his life is over."

"If you go I'd suggest you pick a quiet time, take plenty of water for him, keep him from getting overheated. In other words, use common sense."

"I was thinking a weekday would be less crowded than the weekend. I know you've got a pretty full schedule but do you think there's any way you could take some time off and go with us? I'd feel better having a medical professional along if he needed help."

"They have a first aid station at the fair, you know. And you did a pretty good job on him yourself last time."

"I know, but I'd enjoy having you along. We haven't had a chance to hang out in weeks."

I was hoping we could get our friendship back on track but he didn't seem so enthusiastic as he paused in thought.

"Let me take a look at next week's schedule when I get back to the office this afternoon. Maybe I can shuffle things around and make some time."

"I can't ask for more than that. Now, how about that sandwich?"

"Thanks for the offer but I've got a salad in a cooler in the car."

"Bring it in. No point in eating alone in a hot car."

Again, that hesitation I'd noticed the past few weeks.

"Okay, I guess eating at a table will reduce the possibility that I'll be wearing half my salad to my next appointment."

We went back to the house, stopping at Declan's Jeep to pickup his salad. I made two sandwiches from leftover turkey breast Dad and I had had the night before and added a few chunks of turkey to Declan's salad. Dad joined us and we ate at the kitchen table.

"So when are you giving notice to your boss, son?"

Dad took me by surprise mentioning my job in front of Declan. I knew he didn't want word to get out about the real nature of my employment so he'd probably be careful about what he said but the old man knew what he was doing. He wasn't happy I'd had a date the day before and wanted to force a decision on me by putting me on the spot.

"I don't know, soon I guess."

"You're quitting your job?"

"Yeah, Declan, I've decided to make a major life change. I'm quitting the job and giving up my apartment. I'm going to settle in here on the farm."

"Really? You're staying here for good?"

Before I could answer Declan Dad jumped in.

"You've been saying that for over a week but you still took that job yesterday," he grumbled.

"I told you it was only because it was a local client and no one else was available. It was probably my last business meeting."

"You could take the probably out of that sentence by calling that nice lady in your office this afternoon and telling her you're quitting. It's rude letting her think she can count on you when you have no intention of working there any more."

"All right, Dad, if it makes you happy I'll call Karen this afternoon."

"I keep telling you, it shouldn't be about what makes me happy. You've got to make yourself happy."

"All right, then. It'll make me happy to call Karen this afternoon. Satisfied?"

"It's good to see the two of you getting along so well," Declan grinned.

I kept my promise and called Karen about an hour later. She was disappointed but not surprised. She said she'd send me information on continuing my health insurance and rolling over my 401k if I wanted to.

A little while later Ed called.

"I'm sorry to lose you, Silas. You've been with us longer than anyone else and you've been my most dependable moneymaker. And you've made a pretty good living for yourself as well."

"Yes, I have, but it's time to move on. Time for Peter Pan to grow up."

"I assume you have some idea of what you're going to do now?"

"Believe it or not, I'm going to be a dairy farmer."

"That's a pretty radical change in careers. What brought this on?"

"It's my family business. I grew up on the farm but only recently realized how much it's in my blood."

"Well, I wish you luck. And if you ever change your mind I'll be happy to take you back. While most of the demand is for younger escorts there's still a market for hot studs in their thirties."

"It's nice to know I'm not over the hill but I don't think I'm going to change my mind. My escort days are over."

"Happy farming, then. Keep in touch."

Dad came shuffling into the room as I flipped the phone shut.

"So it's done. How about a drink to celebrate the beginning of your new career?"

"Why not, although I think what you may be celebrating is the end of my old one."

I got out the bottle of Jack Daniels, put a few cubes of ice in two small glasses and half filled them with the whiskey.

"Of course I'm relieved that's over, but I'm also glad you're happy to be settling down here. And don't worry that you're burning your bridges for something temporary. I suppose Declan told you about my new will."

"No, he didn't say anything. Why would he know about it?"

"He was visiting me in the hospital when Henry brought the new will for me to sign. Declan and a staff nurse witnessed it. I didn't want to take a chance on kicking off with the old one still in effect, although I came close to doing just that. The farm will be yours when I'm gone."

"I'd assumed you were leaving everything to Barbara."

"I was going to leave the farm to my second cousin Gabe's son Dave because he was the only farmer left in the family, and everything else to your sister even though I've taken better care of her family than they deserve. Now I'm glad I lived long enough for us to finally start to understand each other."

"I'm glad too, and I hope we have lots more time."

"I don't know about that. I feel like I'm living on borrowed time now. I'd love to have more time but I'm working on making peace with the way things are."

Declan called that evening to say that he'd been able to rearrange his schedule the next Thursday so he could accompany us to the fair in the afternoon.

"I'm going to start my day early and I gave one of my afternoon appointments to another nurse so I can be at your place at one."

"That'll be great. I don't want Dad to spend the whole day there so just the afternoon will be fine. And plan on staying for supper once we get home. I have to do something to thank you."

"Thanks isn't necessary but if I'm going to stay that late I'd better bring Thelma and Louise to the farm with me so their bladders don't burst."


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